1. I think my dog knew before we did. He and his story are in my second video. But this dog is a total man’s man. He used to tolerate my affection as he was obsessed with my husband. Almost a week before I took a pregnancy test, all of a sudden Rocky became my Velcro dog. He followed me everywhere, whenever I was lying down he would lie with me and put his head on my stomach. I thought it was adorable and didn’t think much about it. Until he continued with this behavior after we found out I was pregnant, he still does it. I love it.

2. I can smell everything. EVERYTHING.

3. We plan to surprise my husband’s family with the news in two-weeks, once we have ultrasound pictures. They live about 3.5 hours away and we are making a Saturday/Sunday trip the first weekend of September.

4. I have told my mom and grandmother. I felt like I had no choice. They were asking loaded questions and acting coy. It’s like they knew before I did.

5. I’ve tried ginger ale, ginger tea, lemon-ginger tea, an assortment of crackers, hard candy, consistent snacking, EVERYTHING for morning sickness. I have been taking advice from family, friends, and friends of friends. Everyone has morning sickness advice. The only people I trust now are the ones that have said it’s terrible and you just learn to deal with it. Those are my people.

6. I’ve been told of women who don’t have a ton of symptoms in early pregnancy. Or any! If you are one of these people, I have two things to say. First, don’t worry! Your body is tolerating the doubling of the pregnancy hormones nicely. Second, I’m jealous.

7. Can I just mention this bloat again? Dude. What is going on? I am a balloon. I walk around at home with my pants undone, rubbing my gas belly and I just can’t do anything about it. The gas struggle is real. Is it okay to purchase maternity clothes for a gas-baby?

8. Stretch marks. There are so many options and opinions on what to use to prevent these creatures. So many in fact, I have no idea what to use. I’m open to any and all suggestions. Also, I know you get stretch marks on your belly – but I know they have to crop up in other places too. Should I just drench my entire body in cocoa butter?

9. I have always had an irregular period. My cycles are about as predictable as a wasp on speed. Until I get my dating ultrasound, I am in a Gestational Age of Mystery. My hCG levels are consistently going up but have you seen the range on those things? They are all over the place! You can check out the ranges here.

10. Is it normal to itch this much? My whole body just feels itchy. Like there are little baby ants just underneath the surface of my skin having a heyday. I can’t find anything to fix this.

11. BONUS! Forgot to mention, it is totally possible to puke so much your eyes hurt and become bruised.

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