Ultrasound #1

It was….NORMAL! YAY! They dated my pregnancy. They pushed my due date back to April 11, 2018. The baby looked so little and cute! Eek! Take a look 🙂

The baby measured to be at 8 weeks and 1 day. Are these measurements accurate? I feel like I’ve been pregnant much longer.  I thought I was 9-10 weeks, but I’ll take the 8 week  1 day measurement. I’ll take it all day. Especially since the doctor said everything looked good. My electrolytes are back where they should be and my blood work is well within the normal ranges.

This is what went down at the appointment:

Adam and I arrived. Then we waited.  My anxiety was starting to visibly surface. Adam had to tell me to calm down at least 418 times. They called us back, finally! They took my blood pressure and I stepped on the dreaded scale. I didn’t look at the number. Weight wasn’t my concern that day. I was supposed to pee in a cup. I could not for the life of me go to the bathroom. As much as I’ve been peeing  lately, you’d think I could fill up 4 or 5 cups no problem. But no, my bladder decided to be cute and play coy like it was shy. Come on bladder, you and I both know you have no shame.

Since I wasn’t able to pee, I was taken to a small waiting room in the back. We were awaiting the ultrasound tech. They were getting right down to business. I like the way they operate. The ultrasound tech called us back. My pulse was rate was out of control. I lay down on the table and was ready to face whatever I was about to see on the screen. They first attempted to do the ultrasound abdominally. They couldn’t see anything. Before I could panic, the tech reassured me it was normal early on. She also added that the shape of my uterus made it harder to see anything abdominally. What is my uterus shaped like, I wondered? Wondering about this took my mind off of the fact I was about to get the probe.

Almost as soon as the camera was inserted, there it was. There was the baby. I was taken aback and a little speechless. It looked like a little shrimp moving around. The tech zoomed in and we could see it’s little heartbeat. I was over the moon excited that the baby was healthy. You could see the fetal pole and where the placenta would begin. It was attached on the right side of my uterus. Do you think this could have explained my right sided-pain early on? Maybe it was implantation?

The ultrasound tech took about 6 pictures for us, looked at my ovaries, and congratulated us. Then we went back to the little waiting room. Now it was time to wait for the medical assistant.  She came and got us and took us back to the examination room. She asked how I was doing, congratulated us again, and asked me if I had any abnormal pap smears in the past 3 years. I said no. That means I didn’t have to have an exam that day. Whew! Then it was time to wait for the doctor.

My husband and I just stared at the first pictures of our baby. We talked about it, laughed about it, and we felt good. Relieved.

The doctor finally came in and we received another congratulations, confirmation that my tests looked good, and I was reassured that there was nothing I could do about my poor sleep. Nothing at all. I was too excited to care. I was also too excited to let her know that my Zofran prescription had ran out. I started paying the price for that mistake that night. Back to throwing up. I spoke too soon about feeling better. Now, it is the morning after and I am REALLY paying the price. I am back to feeling as sick as I did about 2 weeks ago. I am calling to get my Zofran refilled today. I forgot how much it helped. I love you, Zofran. Come back to me.

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