8 Week Update

How far along are you? 8 weeks and 6 days

How I’m feeling: The morning sickness is starting to get a hold of itself. Evening sickness is starting to take over my life. Sleep seems like foreign territory. Insomnia is no joke! Another fun fact –  I’m more constipated than I thought was humanly possible. Where is all my food going?!

Total weight gain: I’m still avoiding the scale :-\

How big is baby? About .63 inches. There are so many apps and websites that gives you something tangible to compare that to. It can be overwhelming.  I’ll list a few for fun 🙂 Wild strawberry, raspberry, or a cufflink. Have you heard of this website? It lays out “baby gainz” in terms of stuff men understand. It’s pretty hilarious.  It also includes sizes in terms of cravings and more.

Stretch marks? None visible YET. I heard that stretch marks are all genetics and no matter what you do you can’t really prevent them? This doesn’t stop me from bathing in cocoa butter.

Sleep:  What is this “sleep” word? I feel zapped.

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby and it’s heart beat, hands down. Best moment of pregnancy so far.

Movement: It looked like it was swimming around on the ultrasound but I’m not sure if this is medically accurate.

Food cravings: Biscuits and gravy. Oh! And peaches. I ate at least 12-14 peaches this week. Everything I eat is basically purely for survival. If my nose and my gag reflex can handle it, I devour it.

Food aversions: Eggs are still a no go.

Belly button in or out: In. Is this supposed to change?! What happens to your belly button?? I’m going to go ask Google.

What I miss: Not feeling bloated and squishy all the time. And coffee. No sleep + No coffee = Zombie like symptoms and memory loss.

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing the baby again in 5 weeks and getting to hear it’s heartbeat.

Milestone: Our first ultrasound appointment! It. Was. Awesome. Another milestone was telling Adam’s family. They were supportive and excited. This pregnancy is feeling more and more real each day.

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