10 Week Update

 How far along are you? 10 weeks, 6 days – another week down!

How I’m feeling: I thought I was feeling better. But about half-way through this week I started feeling BAD. The same way I felt around 5-6 weeks, which was horrible. The throwing up and all-day nausea returned.

Emotions?: Whoa! I have been emotional mess! Here is one example: I woke up at 3 am this week, walked into the kitchen, sat down, and cried because the dishwasher needed to be emptied. Seriously. I need to get a hold of myself. (I didn’t empty the dishwasher by the way, I went back to bed)

Total weight gain: Still haven’t stepped on the scale. Not so much out of fear but it’s not my main concern.  My indicator is still the fit of my clothes. They aren’t fitting as tight as they were last week. My bloat continues to go down a little bit at a time. I still feel like a stuffed sausage, but more like you feel at the beginning of PMS.

How big is baby? My app says the size of a kumquat, not sure what that is, but I like the word. It could also be compared to the size of a poker chip. Want to talk chocolate? It’s the size of a Ferrero Rocher. Harry Potter fan? You’ll be happy to hear the baby is the size of a golden snitch.

Stretch marks? False alarm last week, I was being paranoid. What I thought were stretch marks were just lines from a blanket I had sat on too long. No stretch marks….yet.

Sleep: Still not happening. Still causing me problems. No sleep plus the return of morning sickness has made work a struggle this week.

Best moment this week: The struggle has been real this week. The best moment was simply getting through it.

Movement: The only movement I’m experiencing is still gas. My “bump” is 95% methane gas. I’m also constipated again and could use some movement in that department. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I never realized that constipation could be so painful. In the video I talk about the few things that have helped me. My research tells me baby movement first occurs sometime between weeks 16-20. But I’ve also heard people who feel “flutters”?!

Food cravings: I could eat biscuits and gravy every meal. That hasn’t changed. I typically have a sweet tooth the size of Texas. But I have had zero cravings for sweets. Weird, right? I thought so too. Then one day after work I was craving cupcakes so bad I demanded my husband have some waiting on me when I got home. He obliged. I was grateful. Over a 36 hour period I devoured 6 cupcakes.

Food aversions:  This is where things are starting to get tricky. I will be hungry for something, then when I start to eat it, I become completely repulsed by what I once craved. I never know what I am going to have an aversion to until it is in front of my face. Then it triggers my nose or gag reflex and I can’t eat it.

What I miss: Not having to be within a maximum of a 10-foot radius from a bathroom at all times.

What I’m looking forward to: Second trimester! I’ve read you get energy back and the sickness goes away. Oh, how I hope this is true. I cannot explain how much I am looking forward to not feeling like crap 90% of the day. I underestimated the amount of power and energy it takes to make a human from scratch.

Milestone: Surviving. This week was mere survival for me. We made it through.

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