Countdown to Ultrasound!

T-minus 3 days until dating ultrasound:

I found out early that I was pregnant. This may be TMI, but it’s almost like I knew at the moment of conception (July 13, baby! I’m calling it now!) This led me to test about three days before my missed period. I mentioned in a previous blog post I had an ultrasound very early on to check for an ectopic pregnancy. No ectopic pregnancy, but they couldn’t see anything because it was early. They confirmed my pregnancy with the hCG levels in my blood. So I’ve  waited over a month to make sure the baby is healthy and has a strong heart beat. This has been The. Longest. Wait. Ever. Now, we are only 3 days away and I am beyond excited. And nervous. I want everything to be okay. What if they don’t find a heartbeat? Will I have an emotional breakdown right then and there? How will they deliver the news? I have so many questions! I desperately want to see the heartbeat. I read that once you see the heartbeat your chance of miscarriage drops to 2%. 2%!! I want that! I check this Miscarriage Odds Reassurer daily. I found it after frantically searching on Google.  It has provided some peace of mind. But nothing like seeing the heartbeat will. If the size of my stomach is any reassurance, then I have hope all is well. I feel huge. And squishy.


T-minus 1-day until dating ultrasound:

We are just over 24-hours away from the ultrasound.  Bring it on. I hope it is uneventful and completely normal. I continue to be gassy, bloated, and experience random cramps. Maybe it’s round ligament pain. Sciatica pain has made its grand entrance as well. But despite all that, I am starting to feel better than I have in weeks. I have my nausea somewhat under control. It comes and goes now. It isn’t persistent as it was. The fatigue has set in. It is no joke. Still though, feeling much better.  Mood swings have also entered my life (whee! yay! etc.) This is even more fun since life has decided to deal me the hand of pregnancy and my husband the hand of unemployment.  He is stressed, his stress translates on to me, it’s a disaster. To be honest, I wanted this to be the happiest part of our marriage. But the job stress has made it one of the worst times we’ve been through. I’m also moody and dramatic right now. That doesn’t help.

P.S. It doesn’t help that I think my husband is having somewhat of a “sympathetic pregnancy”. His symptoms are moody, irritable, and cranky attitude. I say this with love.

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